John Spain

Hi! Thanks for checking out the site!

I am co-founder of CALOROGA SHARK MEDIA

MY WORK will give you a good overview of the projects I have worked on.

AUDIO SAMPLES will let you hear them.

MY STATIONS PORTFOLIO has a bunch of cool videos of comedians you will recognize.

LINKEDIN or mcdermott at are good ways to reach me.  (Sorry spambots.)

THE SHARK DECK is where I do my "solo album" protects.

Right below this are the logos of some places I've worked.  I hope to hear from you!



Want to hear some audio samples?


Despite working in audio, sometimes things get filmed or someone remembers to take a picture.


Here’s my resume and body of work.  It’s pretty good!  I don’t bounce from company to company and you can trust me with the business.  This is the proof.