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This site showcases the great brands and stars I've been fortunate enough to work with over the years....and also to show off what I call my "solo albums" which are the projects I do for the love of creativity.

I am co-founder of Caloroga Shark Media, where we focus on short-form podcasts, including our hit shows Palace Intrigue and Daily Comedy News.

I first created this site when my position at SiriusXM was eliminated in February 2014. As I built the site in 2014 I really appreciated what an amazing run it was, starting from being a Department of One, all the way to having a full comedy platform that included partnerships with Comedy Central, Jamie Foxx, and Jeff Foxworthy's Blue Collar brand.

After SiriusXM I was EVP Programming for Cadence13 and I also consult Live One's comedy programming including hosting The Weekly Comedy Thing.

I'm also doing some "solo album" projects at The Shark Deck.

I'm always interested in talking about cool ideas and opportunities, and am available for additional consulting work.

EVP Programming for Cadence 13 (2015-2023)


With Cadence13.  I worked with Crooked Media, Pushkin Industries, TenderfootTV, Seven Bucks Productions (The Rock!), the UFC, David Plouffe, James Andrew Miller and many others in the podcast space.

pod save america
Revisionist History
Up and Vanished
It Was Said
Campaign HQ with David Plouffe
ufc unfiltered
Sports Media with Richard Deistch
The Ballad of Billy Balls

VP Comedy & Entertainment - SiriusXM  (2004-2014)


The comedy channels at SiriusXM were always among the most listened to radio stations.  In addition to programming and handling the day to day operations of the comedy channels, the entertainment part of my job allowed me to play in the sandbox with great properties like Star Wars and San Diego Comic-Con. Clicking on any of the logos in this section will open up a portfolio of work associated with each branded radio station representing a decade's worth of work with big brands and big stars.

Both Howard Stern and George Lucas told me my work sounded great.  That's not bad!

blue collar radio
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today's comedy on slacker
Urban Comedy on Slacker Radio
640x640 Ralphie May
The Weekly Comedy Thing

Programmer/Host - LiveOne (formerly Slacker Radio) (2015-Present)

Following SiriusXM I have kept my hand in comedy as a consultant to LiveXLive. I program Country Comedy, Urban Comedy, Today's Comedy (and other stations in the genre), and host The Weekly Comedy Thing.

Fun Fact: I am the most experienced comedy programmer in the world.  When I started it was a format only Sirius and XM were doing, and the guy who did XM's has retired.

The Other Things

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At The Shark Deck I work on what I call my "solo albums" including hosting The Weekly Comedy Thing podcast.  I teach classes about radio/audio at Fairleigh Dickinson (the first two hours is asking what we even mean by "radio" these days).  I worked at WOR New York for a decade producing Dr. Joy Browne and John Gambling, was the Acting PD on 9-11-01 and left there to go be the PD of WLIE Long Island, a talk station with big aspirations but not as big of a budget in the end.  And I completed the 2013 New York City Marathon but don't ask me about it because I won't shut up.